Designer: Renzo Piano

The main manufacturer is MATT Construction Company, which is currently under construction. Link to this company:

The new project is an annex to the old building called the new Saban, built in 1939. The additions to the building, which have been in place since 1946, have been removed and replaced with a new building that is an amazing example of the Streamline Moderne style. The main building is spherical with a theater with 1000 seats that connects to the main building with two glass corridors, the main view of Korea and its huge terrace overlooking the Hollywood Hills.

“The Academy Museum gives us the opportunity to respect the past while creating a building for the future,” says Renzo Piano. The new structure, the building, is a sphere that appears to travel through space through space. And when it’s playing, and when it’s playing, by connecting the two experiences, we create something that is like a movie, you go from sequence to sequence, from exhibition galleries to cinemas and terraces, with everything in It mixes experience. “

The main structure has a composite core of concrete and steel, which includes an amphitheater and various spaces for training classes and exhibitions.

The interior and exterior cladding of the building consists of precast concrete components (GRC) which is being implemented with local characteristics in mind – especially the seismicity of California. The shell was cast in the concrete shell method and finally with the problems of this method, it was decided to use prefabricated concrete parts and install them on the steel structure from inside and outside.

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