GRC custom view

GRC Custom View means the production and installation of GRC components based on the plans of the project architect. In this work, all the executive details, including dimensions and sizes and connection points to other components of the building, including windows, are carefully predicted and molded. Each part has its own and the installation forecast of each is done in its own place.

Achieving a unique look regardless of the design is the main goal of this method.

The GRC technique has the greatest potential in this field and has significant advantages over other materials that can be used in the facade.

How to order

B: Flat cover panels

Flat cover panels are available in simple and prominent designs. These products have many applications in covering large surfaces, especially in high-rise buildings. For example, they can be a good alternative to ceramics.

Comparison table of flat and ceramic cover panels:

Flat panel installation problems:

C: Additional parts

Additional parts, such as column heads, baseboards and urban furniture, etc.

Examples of accessories:

How to order prefabricated parts (Di Panel):

Each design is named by a specific code and a list of them is available on the company website as well as the catalog. During contact with the sales unit, based on order priorities, ready-made parts will be sent and delivered as soon as possible.